Monday, December 13, 2010

New shit to come.......

-Split 3-way w/ Total Hipster Crusher, Humanity.
-Split Lp w/ Consequence.
-Split 4-way w/ Tu Sufres, Taint Snipe, T.C.O.F. 
-Split 7" w/Kanker
-Split 4 way LP w/ Ahna, Bridgeburner, Six Brew Bantha

Download our shit for our split w/THC / Humanity?​0htamzq46k5


-Demo "DIE"cs.sold out.(19 copies)
-"Mince you bastards" cdr.(50 copies)
-Split cs w/Stabbed to Death, Throbbing continuum of Fuck, Colombian Necktie.(100 copies)
-"Raw Pulverizing Brick to the face" cdr. collection of most recordings 09-2010. (50 copies)
-Split cs w/Bridgeburner and Hyperemesis.(100 copies)

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